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For your cat’s safety, we ask that you transport your cat in a secure carrier that will remain with us until check-out.

Please remove collars prior to boarding.

To protect your cat, apply (at least 48 hours prior to check-in) a topical flea control product  for cats. Upon arrival each feline guest will b​e checked for fleas. If fleas are found, a flea medication will be administered at owner's expense.

Cats staying at Happy Paws must be free from transmittable diseases, e.g., upper respiratory, ringworm or parasites.

We do not accept un-neutered male cats over the age of 6 months.


What to bring

  • To avoid intestinal upsets and reduce stress, we ask that you provide an adequate supply of your cat's usual food for the duration of your cat's stay PLUS extra for 3 days in the event there is a delay in checking out your cat. If you forget to bring your cat's food or choose to use our premium food, there will be an additional charge of $2.00 - $3.00 per cat per day.  

  • An adequate supply of medication in original containers with pet name and dosage printed on the label (if applicable).

  • You are welcome to bring along your cat’s favorite toys or something that smells familiar. If it smells like home, it will help your kitty settle in. We request that all items be machine washable. DO NOT bring catnip or catnip toys. Catnip is a stimulant and usually makes an anxious cat more anxious and an aggressive cat more aggressive.

  • Completed reservation form (if not completed online and emailed) and a copy of each cat's vaccination record.

We will supply bowls, beds, litter boxes and litter.  

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